Manhattan Saddlery

Manhattan Saddlery is NYC’s last-remaining equestrian tack shop. Founded as Miller Harness Company in 1912, the store needed its branding to better represent its history and legacy. The interior of the store is a warm, magical space decorated with vintage carousel horses, jockey figurines, and Miller’s signage. To embody the nostalgic whimsy of the physical store, the logo uses art nouveau line work. A set of icons creates a system the store can use to identify different product lines.

Logo design, branding

Manhattan Saddlery logo designed by Knockout! on a vintage photo inside Miller Harness Company
Manhattan Saddlery color palette by Knockout! Studio
Shirt, hang tag, thank you card, and business card for Manhattan Saddlery by Knockout! Studio
Gilded Manhattan Saddlery logo by Knockout! Studio