The Studio


The word “knockout” has a few meanings. One is a beautiful typeface designed by New York-based foundry Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Another is a printing term indicating light-colored type on a darker background. And another is—obviously—a boxing term; Knockout’s founder boxes.

Knockout! pushes boundaries. You might be presented with some odd ideas, but this is good. We’re figuring out your comfort limits, so as to create a design that most accurately represents you and your mission. You can’t move mountains without a few earthquakes.

You’ll always work directly with Knockout! founder Molly Cichy. That means very personalized attention and direct access to a backlog of insight on printing, packaging, and brand strategy. It also often means going out for beers on a Thursday, so best to shortlist your favorite spots now.


Knockout! is the branding and design project of Molly Cichy. Molly was the first in-house designer at Brooklyn Brewery, working with and learning from legends Milton Glaser and Stephen Doyle. She wanted to create a studio that puts branding usability first to help interesting people put their ideas into motion seamlessly and effectively.


Knockout! Studio is housed in a cute little two-bed in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. It’s got nice plants, a cute dog, and lots of calm northern light (as any design studio must).


The branding for Knockout! was inspired by the typography of America’s diverse social movements. Knockout! values intersectionality, anti-racism, womanism, and other such decent attitudes, and strives to bring good design to socially-conscious individuals. Not-for-profit charity design work makes up 8% of Knockout’s workweek.